How do you suck an egg into a bottle?


Learning how to suck an egg into a bottle is a fun experiment for kids. To do this you will need a hard boiled egg, a glass bottle with an opening slightly smaller than the egg and matches or a piece of paper. Simply light the match/paper and drop it into the bottle while still lit and then sit the egg on top of the opening.
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1. This is a really simple experiment that does not require a lot of explanation. First, place the bottle on a flat sturdy surface. 2. Have an adult light a match and place the match
1 Get a glass bottle and a peeled, hard-boiled egg. Make sure the bottle has no liquid inside and that it is free of flammable substances. Ad 2 Stand the glass bottle upright with
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We all know Bill Nye, the science guy. I would see him on TV when I was a kid and be genuinely amazed wit the things he does. He is like MacGyver in a lab coat. He is a nerdy version
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