EGR Vacuum Solenoid?


A person can test an EGR vacuum solenoid by disconnecting the tube connected to the EGR valve. The vacuum pump should be connected to the nipple of the valve. The vacuum pump needs to be pumped about 5 to 6 inches.
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1. Locate the EGR valve in your vehicle. It is usually found on the intake manifold. 2. Disconnect the tube connected to the EGR valve's nipple. 3. Connect the tube of the hand-held
The EGR on a 2007 is not vacuum controlled.
The 2002 Santa Fe came with three (3) different engines - 2.4 4cyllinder, 2..7 V6 and the 3.5 V6. Only the 2.4 lit 4 cylinder and the 3.5 lit V6 have EGR systems. The 2.7 lit V6 does
purdy easy. for specific info on testing and R & R procedures, go here,…. attention to engine app. FYI, unless you have testing
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How an EGR Vacuum Solenoid Works
The EGR is an exhaust gas recirculation device used for the purpose of lowering emissions. The purpose of the EGR is to allow a certain amount of exhaust to return and be mixed with the incoming fuel into the cylinders at cruising speed. This helps to... More »
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