What are some Egyptian cat names?


Egyptian names are appropriate for cats because cats have always been an important part of Egyptian culture. Some examples of Egyptian names are: Ra, Ako, Toth, Horus, Kifi, Hasina, Aubis, Femi, Geb, Ody, Batty, Cairo, Imhotep, Lohr, Miu, Petit, Hathon, Conger, Dabney, Mau, Sabah, Nuri, Luxor and Qeb.

Cats were especially important in ancient Egyptian worship. Bast, a cat goddess, represented fertility, safety and motherhood. Cats and kittens were mummified during ancient times as offerings to Bast. More than 80,000 cat mummies from around 1000 BC were found in one tomb near the town of Ben Hasan. In AD 390, the worship of Bast was banned by imperial decree. Since that time, cats have gradually decreased in importance in Egypt but are still loved as pets.

Cats were domesticated over 10,000 years ago in Egypt as a way to control pests and snakes. They gradually became revered for their beauty, poise and friendliness, eventually being worshiped in the form of Bast.

The Egyptian Mau is the only spotted domestic cat. Mau is the Egyptian word for cat. The Egyptian Mau is a subspecies of the African wildcat. As a species, they are known to be loyal, intelligent and devoted to their owners.

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The Egyptian cat Goddess is Bastet and the predigree moggie is an Egyptian Mau.
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