Egyptian Cat Names?


If you have received a new cat, one of the first things that you are going to have to do is to give it a name. If you are from Egypt or have any type of ancestors that have been from Egypt, you may want to give it an Egyptian cat name. There are many different cat names that you could give the cat. Some of the cat names that you could give it includes Jordynn, Aili, Arwen, and Holwell.
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The Egyptian cat Goddess is Bastet and the predigree moggie is an Egyptian Mau.
1. Print or draw a cat outline on drawing paper, then cut it out to create a stencil. The cat should be no larger than 2" by 6" in size. 2. Trace the stencil on one sheet
Bast or Ubast was the ancient Egyptian cat goddess. She was originally
there is the savannah cat that is related to the wild serval. the abyssinian that is believed to originate from egypt. there is the korat but that comes from thailand. if you mean
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