What are the eight positions of the body in ballet?


The eight positions of the body in ballet are the croisé devant, quatrième devant, effacé devant, à la seconde, croisé derriere, ecarté, epaulé and quatrième derrière positions. These are the basic poses and positions of the body around which a variety of other different types of movements are based. All other steps in ballet can be performed by starting from one of these eight positions.

In the croisé devant position, dancers face a corner of the room with one extended leg closer to the audience. Their arms must be open. In the quatrième devant position, dancers face the audience directly. The leg is still extended, pointing to the front, with their arms open and directed towards the audience. Unlike these two, in the effacé devant position, dancers conceal some of their bodies by facing the audience at an oblique angle. As a contrast to the croisé devant position, dancers use their leg farthest from the audience as the working leg. The à la seconde position is performed by facing the audience and extending a leg to the side.

When dancers assume the croisé derriere position, they face a corner and open their arms. The working leg must point backwards. By contrast, the ecarté position allows dancers to face any given corner and to use the leg closest to the audience as a working leg. They then raise their heads and face the raised arm slightly. Their eyes do not look into the audience. The epaulé position also requires facing a corner, with an arm extending forwards and the head facing the audience. Similarly, the quatrième derrière position relies on the dancer's head facing the audience. However, the leg must be pointing backwards with the arms open.

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The eight ballet steps in order are: Croise
It's: Croise Devant, Quatrieme Devant, Ecarte, A La Seconde, Epolle, Quatrieme Derriere, Croise Derriere. I hope this helps! :
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