How much is an Eisenhower stamp worth?


The value of a 6-cent or 8-cent Dwight D. Eisenhower stamp varies depending on the condition. According to Hobbizine, as of June 2014, a single Eisenhower stamp is worth between 10 cents and 40 cents, on average.

The 6-cent Eisenhower stamp was issued on Aug. 6, 1970, after the 34th president's death. When the domestic first class letter rate increased to 8 cents, the Eisenhower stamp was reissued to reflect the change using the same image. The image used to design the stamp was inspired by a New York Times photograph of the former president, according to Smithsonian National Postal Museum. While the 6-cent stamp was issued in blue-gray colored ink, the 8-cent stamp also included black and red ink.

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If you buy one from a dealer, 10 - 20 cents. If you wish to sell one, nothing.
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Chuck, Its a common stamp. Used examples are worth about a penny, and unused examples are worth just about face value. -Mark
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