How Much Is an Eisenhower Stamp Worth?


An Eisenhower stamp is generally worth nothing if you wish to sell it. There is no significance of the stamp unless it is an error in some form. That is how stamps are valued.
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Sorry, there isn't a 3 cent Eisenhower stamp. There is a 6 cent, 8 cent, 22 cent & 25 cent, but no 3 cent.
1. Compare the stamp you have to the pictures and descriptions of the Eisenhower stamps listed for 1970-74 in the Scotts Stamp Value Guide. Record the numbers or bookmark the page
Chuck, Its a common stamp. Used examples are worth about a penny, and unused examples are worth just about face value. -Mark
There are some Eisenhower stamps selling on ebay for
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The 8 cent Eisenhower postage stamp was made in 1971. It used the same image of the 34th president that was used on the 6 cent stamp released one year prior. ...
An Eisenhower eight cent Stamp that is multicolor is worth 40 cents in mint condition. It is worth 20 cents in used condition. The Eisenhower deep claret 8 cent ...
How much an 8 cent Eisenhower stamp is worth varies depending on its condition and printing year. On average, these stamps are worth about ten to forty cents. ...
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