Electric Fireplace Repair?


In the colder months the last thing someone wants to worry about is their electric fireplace not working. There are some things that you can check before you have to break down to call a repair person. The first thing is to check to make sure all of the electrical connections are still in place. Plug it into a different wall socket to make sure the problem is not with the wiring in your home. Make sure the switch is not stuck in an in between position. The switch needs to be all the way into the on position. Check for water damage. If these do not work then it best to contact the manufacturer for the product.
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1. Mix a batch of high-temperature mortar in a small bucket. Look for any cracks within reach of the fireplace or within reach of the top of the chimney. Use a trowel to push the
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1. To repair large holes after removing switches, receptacles or boxes, cut a thin piece of wood 2 inches larger than the hole. Cut a piece of hardware cloth 1 inch bigger than the
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