How do you test electric motor windings?


To test electric motor windings, remove all the power from the motor and tag the circuit breaker to avoid power shocks. Clean the windings tighter with the interior with soap. Connect the probes to the ohmmeter and set it to a reading of zero ohms. Check the motor schematic and use meter to compute the resistance readings.
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1. Remove all power from the motor and isolate the circuit. Tag the circuit breaker to prevent accidental restoration of power. Open motor housing to access windings. 2. Clean the
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The windings are long, thin wires made from copper. When electricity travels along a conductor, a weak magnetic field is created. If the conductor is wound into a coil, the magnetic
Temperature dependent resistors are used in a motor for protection such that when the temperature rises too high it will trigger some mechanism - usually an electronic sensing circuit
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How to Test Electric Motor Windings
When a bad motor winding cannot be found by a physical inspection, many times an ohmmeter may show that there is a defective winding. Most repair shops will use a "megger" or a ground insulation tester. The megger will help to detect areas of... More »
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