How to Use a Potpourri Pot?


Electric potpourri pots can be quite easy to use. Fill the potpourri pot with water and either potpourri or fragrance oils. Then plug the pot into a wall socket and enjoy.
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1. Purchase a potpourri simmering pot at a local store such as Wal-Mart. You can often find one for as low as $10. Simmering pots may come in different sizes and a variety of designs
1. Grow the lavender. When the lavender is grown, cut some of the heads off and lay them on the table. Ad. 2. Scatter the seeds. Holding the tip of the head, push your fingers down
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Fill these exclusive cast-iron Potpourri Pots with our Christmas Potpourri and
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To make a potpourri burner, you need an electric beverage warmer, glass votive candle holder and liquid potpourri. Put the votive in the middle of the warmer and ...
Dried potpourri recipes are cinnamon leaf, orange, mandarian red and a small amount of rose oil; these are desiccated and potted flower petals that can be used ...
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