How do you calculate electrical load?


Knowing how to correctly size loads in commercial applications is an essential skill for electricians.  Calculate the feeder demand load for dryers at 100% of the appliance rating. If the dryers run continuously, you must size the conductor and protection device at 125% of the load.
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Instructions. Check your utility bill to find the amount of power in kWh you used in the most recent month. Check old bills to find out how your power usage varies over the year.
The multification factor for converting in electrical power is 1.35KW/1 TR, for 10 Tr it is 13.5 KW.
1. Find the input voltage of the system the circuit breaker protects. For example, circuit breaker panels in a typical household protect a 120-volt circuit. Refer to electrical diagrams
Things You'll Need. Calculator. Instructions. Ascertain the amperage for your breaker (probably around 15 or 20) and the voltage of your circuit (most likely 110 or 120 in the U.S
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How to Calculate Electrical Load
Electrical circuits have many applications, including household, automotive and electronics. The electrical principles apply regardless of the application. You have a number of components distributed on the circuit that constitute the circuit load. You... More »
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