How to Have Elephants in the Home for Luck?


Some people believe that elephant statues are of good luck when kept at home. For you to keep them at home for luck, you need to purchase elephant figures with trunks facing upward, place a pair of elephants on the outside of your front door to keep bad luck out of the home. You should also place a pair of elephants just inside the front door, with their trunks facing away from the door, add different-colored elephants to different rooms. Finally, lace elephants near the bedroom doorway or beside the bed to amplify the chances of commencement.
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1. Purchase elephant figures with trunks facing upward. Many people believe that elephants with downward-facing trunks can actually bring bad luck. 2. Place a pair of elephants outside
The trunk of the Elephant is supposed to
Upside down so you can scratch is belly.
There is dispute about which way a lucky elephant holds its trunk, but there is a general belief in many eastern cultures that an elephant with the trunk pointed up "stores"
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