Ellen Hopkins Books in Order?


Ellen Hopkins is a best-selling author of adult and young adult fiction. Her body of work includes series of novels in addition to stand-alone works.

  • The Crank Novels:
    Crank (2004)(YA)
    Glass (2007)(YA)
    Fallout (2010)(YA)

  • The Burned Novels:
    Burned (2006)(YA)
    Smoke (2013)(YA)

  • The Impulse Novels:
    Impulse (2007)(YA)
    Perfect (2011)(YA)

  • The Triangles Novels:
    Triangles (2011)(A)
    Tilt (2012)(YA)

  • Other Novels:
    Identical (2008)(YA)
    Tricks (2009)(YA)
    Collateral (2012)(A)
    Rumble (2014)(YA)

  • (YA) - Young Adult
    (A) - Adult
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    I think the order of her books is. Crank. Glass. Impluse. Burned. Identical. Flirting with the monster. Tricks. In order Ellen Hopkins books are Crank, Burned, Impulse, Glass, Identical
    Air Devils Sky Racers, Sky Divers, and Stunt Pilots,Fly Fishing (Great
    Crank. Burned. Impulse. Glass. Identical. i don't actually know if they're a series or not or if they're just by the same author. i've never actually read them haha but that's the
    In order, it's Crank, Glass, & Fallout. Impulse, Identical, and Burned are independent of the series. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 09:37AM EST.
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