How do you access the BIOS settings on an eMachine?


To access bios settings on an electronic machine, access the start menu and click 'shut down.' select the 'restart' option. Wait for the machines logo to appear on the screen as the computer begins restarting. Click the f2 to go bios menu screen then use the right arrow key to highlight the 'main' entry and press enter. Check the long string of numbers and letters under the 'bios version' heading to locate the current bios version your machine is using.
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1. Access the Start menu and click "Shut Down. Select the "Restart" option. 2. Wait for the Emachines logo to appear on the screen as the computer begins booting up
Upon starting the computer, there is a couple of moments befor you get the "Windows screen that the screen displays ( in the lower right hand corner ) two typed of
1. Boot the computer. As the manufacturer’s logo appears, press the designated setup button to enter the BIOS. The key varies by manufacturer. Typical setups keys are F2, F10,
some help for you. E-Machines AKA ACER, otherwise owned by GATEWAY, all fit Microstar motherboards amongst others. you should have a Microstar MS-7207(it will be printed on the mainboard
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Restoring your computer to factory settings you restart the computer, Press backspace during the initial BIOS post, if backspace key does not open the BIOS setup ...
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