Email Harassment?


Email harassment is illegal in many states in the US. It is possible to be harassed by someone through email because they bombard your email box. If you ask someone repeatedly not to email you, and they continue to do so, you can report them. You also may want to take proactive steps and either change your personal email address or add their email address to your blacklist. This wil insure that they cannot get through to you any longer via email.
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1. Send one reply to the person who is harassing you, saying in a firm tone that this reply constitutes an order to cease and desist. Tell them that you consider their attacks to
Get a court order directing the NCP to stop. If the NCP continues, you should be able to bring her/him back to court.
Any normal person would NOT open an email from someone they DO NOT KNOW! If these alleged harrassing emails are coming from the same person using a different address everytime, the
If the harasser is known to you, make it clear that you do not want him or her to contact you again. Once you have told a known harasser not to contact you again, or if you are receiving
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Things You'll Need. Internet access. Email address. Printer. Show More. Instructions. 1. Reply to the email with a request that the sender stop harassing you. ...
You should report harassing emails to the internet service provider of the sender. For example, if the harassing email comes from a yahoo address, then you would ...
There are so many websites on the Internet that allow people to send anonymous emails to other people. Some people use anonymous emails for harassing or threatening ...
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