What are some embarrassing wedgie stories?


According to Teen Nick, a website for middle and high school students, wedgies are not only embarrassing, but also a form of hazing. Some personal accounts suggest that secretly digging out a wedgie is as humiliating as getting the wedgie.

The act of giving someone a wedgie involves pulling his underwear upward and into his "butt crack." Many online stories depict this as an act of hazing. Having one's underwear stuck in such a way can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it is not necessarily the most embarrassing part: Being a victim of hazing appears to be the most humiliating aspect.

Others' accounts indicate that being caught in the act of removing a wedgie is also embarrassing. No one wants to be seen with his hand digging deep into his pants to extract his underwear. As suggested by Hip Hollywood, even celebrities are not exempt from this type of humiliation. In 2014, a famous singer revealed her bare butt cheeks as she lifted her skirt to pull out her wedgie prior to a Beverly Hills photo shoot.

As with most embarrassing stories, wedgie tales are likely to be retold by others. Worse that experiencing it is the situation caused when there is documented evidence to preserve the moment. Kate Spencer, a blogger for VH1, recaps how one of the Olson twins was caught on camera digging out her wedgie.

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