How Much Is Emmitt Smith's Rookie Card Worth?


As of December 2012 an Emmitt Smith rookie card in mint condition is worth between $5.00 and $8.00. Emmitt Smith is a retired NFL player who played for the Cowboys and Cardinals. Emmitt Smith is still active in the football arena in broadcasting and also has several successful business ventures.
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According to and eBay, an Emmit Smith rookie card ranges from 7-10 dollars.
Pro-Set rookie cards of Emmitt run approx. $2.50 depending if it is in "mint" condition. The breakdown: '90 Score (supplemental) = $60-65.00 mint (approx. '90 Action Packed
1990 Pro Set Emmitt Smith Rookie Football is
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200,000. ...
The book value of the Emmitt Smith's rookie replay card is $3 in perfect condition, the defining moments football card is in the $2.50 range. ...
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