How to Overcome Emotional Numbness?


Emotional numbness is caused by grief, depression, stress and accidents. It makes you feel detached from any feelings. You can overcome emotional numbness by asking for support from family, getting involved in activities with friends so you are not in isolation, find peaceful areas you can relax to put down the stress and seeking professional help is also very important if you are not seeing any changes.
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1. Respect and allow all of your emotions. Trying to suppress negative feelings can actually lead to resurfacing of these emotions at inappropriate times, increased numbness or depression
1 Avoid certain people, although you may make yourself alone and even lonely, if you need to concentrate, be un-distracted or unaffected by a hurtful person, group or situation. Being
The most common cause is childhood abuse. Some powerful psych drugs can have emotional damping as a side effect.
Best possible way as per my understanding is to spend sometime with oneself. Since this state of mind is perfect to introspect and know regarding the series of incidences which led
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