How should a company terminate employees caught stealing?


When terminating employees caught stealing, employers need to conduct a thorough and unbiased investigation, allow the suspected employee to tell his own story, follow all laws regarding collection of evidence and suspend the employee pending the results of the investigation.

Employers should not fire an employee for suspicion of stealing, but they should suspend the employee initially pending an investigation. Two people should conduct the investigation, at least one of whom does not know the employee in question. Company policies regarding these investigations should be followed scrupulously, as should laws regarding lie detectors and invasion of privacy. If convincing proof of theft is not found, the employee should be terminated for reasons other than theft.

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Your company should have a workplace policy to ensure it covers egregious acts and behavior such as employee theft, stealing and embezzlement. Conduct periodic personnel file audits
you should do the right thing and report to the police or to his/her boss and get that person fired.
Probably not much. While I strongly discourage any employee theft, it is one of the least-reported and least prosecuted crimes in America. Most employers will simply fire you and
she can be arrested, prosecuted, jailed and/or made to pay restitution. you betcha.
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