Employee Tardiness Warning Letter?


To write a warning letter to an employee for tardiness, start off by typing the date, employee's name and address. Explain that the tardiness is unacceptable and that the letter serves as an official warning. Detail any other times the employee has been late and explain what will happen, per the policy, if they are late again. Include action information in the closing paragraph and sign the letter.
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To write a warning letter to an employee for tardiness, one must not be afraid to tell the truth. If one's employee is displaying tardiness, a letter of truth would do no harm.
1. Begin the letter by typing the date. Skip a line, and type the employee's name and her home address on separate lines. Create the salutation by typing "Dear Mr./Ms. (Employee's
This would depend upon individual company policy, but most places that I've worked at allow three excused absences. The fourth gets you talked to, the fifth gets you written up and
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