Should you enclose the area under a deck?


Enclosing under a deck can keep animals out from under the deck. This can also add an element of design to enclosing the deck with lattice. Adding lattice is not expensive and is relatively easy to do.
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Screen is one of the best materials to enclose the area under the deck for a number of reasons. It is inexpensive to buy in large amounts and easy to cut and install around the underside
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1. Gather the necessary materials. You need some wood (plywood, preferably) and a lot of cardboard. Ad. 2. Mount the cardboard like a wall against the deck. Use snow to support it
There are two methods that I have used to catch such cats. 1) Lure the kitty with food/toys/etc. back into the house. If the door is open and kitty can see a clear path to get back
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Install wooden lattice on deck is placing wooden ornamental frameworks on an extended portion of the home. You can install Vinyl lattice panels under a deck by ...
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