What is Enfalac?


Enfalac is a type of infant formula that has been created by the Enfamil corporation. The formula is suitable for infants from birth to the age of one year or beyond if your doctor recommends it. The mixture is made with DHA which is a nutrient found in breast milk. This nutrient helps to develop the brain sheath and function. Other minerals are a part of the formula as well, and the food provides a complete source of nutrition for your growing baby.
Q&A Related to "What is Enfalac?"
Same situation here! I'm looking for ENFALAC A+ For almost two weeks now. Iam from Bulacan i went to 19 stores and all of them has the same answer OUT of STOCK! My wife is from Rizal
I gave my baby Similac till 6 months old, and change it to Enfalac lately, as i compared the nutirion list, Enfaclac contains more vitamins, irons, DHA, ARA and SA. However, she had
we just opened a can of my nephew's formula milk (enfalac a+) and we can not find the scoop. we already transfered the contents to a separate container to look if its in the ...show
Just thought of sharing this with mothers who are also using the same brands. Or maybe if any of you know of a cheaper place, do share with me as well. ENFALAC A+ The cheapest place
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