What problems can engine oil in the radiator cause?


Getting oil in your radiator can have some serious implications on your vehicle. In theory, the oil will attack your valves and hose and break them down. Depending on the amount of oil that has gotten into your radiator depends on how severe the problem is. Most of the time your engine will be so stressed because of the oil in the radiator it will not last long enough for you to see the degradation of your valves and hoses. It is best to have a mechanic take a peek at the radiator and determine the best course of treatment.
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Blown head gasket - warpped head - or both.
Either engine oil of transmission fluid may be found in the coolant. It's important to diagnose which is which to resolve the problem. When a sample of the coolant is removed and
Sounds like a leaking head gasket to me. Before you spend a lot of money try something that works 50% of the time depending where the break is. It is a product called Barr's. It looks
1. To get started you will first need to make a trip to the parts store to grab roughly five quarts of oil, a oil filter, and ask for a mileage tag. Getting the cheapest oil doesn't
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