In a Divorce Action Due to Abuse?


Unlike child support, alimony is not automatically awarded. It is given to the spouse least able to be self-supporting at a judge's discretion. The amount and duration depends upon circumstances and the couple's respective financial status.
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Spousal support is paid by the higher earning spouse to the lower earning spouse, taking into account income of each, expenses of each, length of marriage, and earning ability. You
The general rule of thumb is that you need to be married at least 10 years to get alimony and then it only last for as many years as you were married. There are always exceptions
Either spouse can receive alimony, which means that men can collect alimony payments as well. This is becoming more commonplace as women continue to achieve greater success in the
"Alimony" is money paid by one spouse to the other and is sometimes referred to as "spousal support." Alimony may be awarded to either spouse for their support
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If you are used to a certain lifestyle and contributed to your marriage, you can ask for it. You need to check and see if your state honors alimony. ...
No, you are not entitled to alimony if you're still married in the state of Florida. Alimony is paid to an ex spouse so that they can maintain a certain standard ...
The amount of alimony a spouse may be entitled to will depend on many conditions. Alimony is no longer awarded as often as it used to be in years past when most ...
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