How to Set the Intonation on an Epiphone SG.?


1. Plug the guitar into a guitar tuner with a guitar cable and tune to standard pitch. 2. Play the low "E" (6th) string open and adjust the tuning if necessary. 3. Play the low "E" string on the 12th fret (octave "E" note) and compare the tuner
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Many models available. I found Epiphone SG-310 Hi-Performance Electric Guitar
I think the conventional wisdom is that Gibson electronics and finishes are better. I think the best guitar is the guitar you can afford and does not fall apart? one that is comfortable
Anywhere from $170 to $650 but if you want a recomendation go for the Epiphone G-400 for $350. Source(s): experience, guitar center
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The epiphone sg 310 costs about $250. ...
The epiphone sg 310 costs about $250. ...
1. Loosen the current strings. Turn each tuner, located on the headstock, clockwise until the string is loose enough to remove. Pull the ball end through the bridge ...
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