How to Grow Episcia Plants?


Episcia Plants are Flame Violet and bloom nearly all year long. For one to grow Episcia Plants he has to follow these steps; get an episcia stolon from an episcia, Soak the stolon in water until you can plant it, Mix up a batch of your own planting soil in the pot, Stick the stolon's base into the soil, Place several paper towels beneath the pot, Place the pot near a window that receives full sunlight for about three hours and Water the plant every four days as you will only need to keep the soil.
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[ih-pish-ee-uh, ih-pish-uh]
any of several tropical American plants of the genus Episcia, often cultivated as houseplants for their textured, variegated foliage and showy flowers.
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1. Collect an episcia stolon from a friend’s plant or an episcia you might find in a store. For those not familiar with the term, a stolon is a secondary shoot or growth coming
genus episcia: genus of tropical American herbs having soft hairy foliage
Meaning any plant of the genus Episcia usually creeping and stoloniferous and of cascading habit grown for their colorful foliage and flowers Hypernyms(s) episcia is a kind of&hellip
Episcias are flowers included within the gesneriad family, and are distinguished by their brightly coloured leaves, as well as their attractive foliage. It is recommended that they
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