What is the phone number to talk to a live person at the credit bureau Equifax?


Customers may reach a live person at the credit bureau Equifax by calling 1-800-846-5279 Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. As of March 2014, the average wait time is reported to be five minutes.

Equifax can be contacted in a number of ways if making a phone call is not convenient. Contact Equifax online through the company's website or log in to the member center for other contact options. Contact Equifax to obtain a copy of a credit report, to report credit fraud, to dispute items on a credit report or to opt out of mailing lists.

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The service number for customers who have purchased Equifax products is hidden from public view. If you need to speak to a representative about a product, log in to your account to
The number listed on there website is
Number for Equifax in the US 404 885 8000. Number for Equifax in the UK: 0844 740 5825.
What is your state? You might go online to localnumberforequifaxinallstates.com
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