What makes the dynamic theory of tides different from the equilibrium theory?


The equilibrium theory of tides states that the whole earth is covered by a layer of water, and that the waters succumb, and are piled up below the moon. What makes the dynamic theory of tides to be different from the equilibrium theory is that most of its reasoning is based on tides but it does not explain the land masses that water cannot move.
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The equilibrium theory was first developed by Newton stating that there is a bulge of water formed from the gravitational pull from the moon and centrifugal pull from the side opposing
Theory of tides, and Tidal force . In the
( ′ē·kwə′lib·rē·əm ′tīd ) (oceanography) The hypothetical tide due to the tide-producing forces of celestial bodies
b) The theory states that the surface of the ocean cannot conform to the combination of forces acting on it.
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