How to Erase Pen Ink?


Some pen ink is easier to erase than others. Different techniques such as an electric eraser or acid solution could be used. You can also try to scrape the ink away, but this may removed some of the upper layer of the paper. Erasable pens are your best bet if you foresee needing to make changes but it needs to be in ink.
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Most people believe ink is permanent. Compared to graphite, ink is, but it is possible to erase pen ink from paper. Some inks are easier to erase than others, and most will leave
Have you heard of the Sharpie Liquid Pencil? They just came out this month, I believe. It uses erasable liquid graphite. I just got two of them about a week ago, and I fell in love
I am not aware of who invented the erasable pen but Sir Walter McHenery, an Irish physicist, invented an ink that would disappear when held over heat in 1827.
To remove ink, you could spray the back side of the stain with hairspray, or apply rubbing
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