How to Add a New Message Alert Tone to a Z750A Sony Ericsson Phone.?


1. Press the "Menu" button, then press "Settings. Select "Sounds & Alerts" and "Ringtones. 2. Highlight the ringtone you want to assign to your messages. 3. Press the "Menu" button and select the option "Assign to SMS. Follow the same steps to assign
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you can set a ring tone in play view! hope this helps please remember to take the time and give me a good rating if you appreciated my help. Managing tracks in play view You can manage
i have the se w910i so if its the same sort of set up as mine then you go to: messages settings general message alert then you have like alert 1,2,3 etc and my bottom one is 'goldie
At the bottom of the message tones list, there should be one with an option saying 'replace'. Just choose 'replace' and pick your one.
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Jennifer Aniston's phone in the movie 'The Bounty Hunter' was a Sony Ericsson touch-screen phone. It used a default alert tone which only Sony Ericsson phones ...
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