How to Unlock the Sony Ericsson S500i.?


1. Request the unlock code for your S500i from the original wireless provider. 2. Slide the battery cover down with both thumbs and lift it off your phone. 3. Remove the S500i's battery. 4. Push the SIM card in to remove it from the phone. 5. Place
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Sony Ericsson phones become in their names a letter, this way W are walkmans, K are camera specialized phones, Z are usual clamshell phones, T are normal candybar phones, P and M
Use a 2 GB Memory Stick Micro Memory Card. Call
it is a 2 megapixel cam without flash or autofocus. i would not rank it very highly on taking pictures but it is higher than the average. however there are already 5megpixel phones
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The phone costs around £12-£20. Already available in no less than 5 color versions (Steel Silver, Mysterious Green, Ice Purple, Spring Yellow and Contrasted ...
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