Error 1305?


Error 1305 occurs when there is a configuration issue with the CD-ROM drive or the MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) is damaged or is not installed properly. To fix this error, you can either clean and examine the CD or map a drive to your installation point.
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1. Examine the silver side (mirror like) of the CD or DVD in a well-lighted area. View the CD or DVD at an angle to locate any scratches, filth or damage on the surface. 2. Clean
Hi Neda, The Microsoft support site says the following about this error: This problem may occur if any of the following conditions are true: There is a problem with the CD. There
I had this problem and downloaded the latest Windows installer and the problem does not exist anymore. Here is the link.
This may be useful mlmcc
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How to Fix Error 1305
If you receive an "Error 1305" message after placing a compact disc or digital video disc into its drive, your computer is unable to read the disc properly. This error can occur if your CD or DVD is damaged, dirty (from dust or particles) or if another... More »
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