Erythematous Mucosa Stomach?


Mucosa is a natural lining that is commonly found througout the digestive tract, including the stomach. When there is an irritation in the stomach lining, it appears to be red and irritated due to an increased blood flow. The medical term for that condition is erythematous mucosa. There are various conditions and illnesses that can cause the stomach to be irritated, included gastritis. Gastritis can be caused by medications as well as irritants such as alcohol and can come on suddenly or develop over time. A gastrointerologist is a doctor who treats illnesses associated with the digestive tract. They can diagnose as well as treat the symptoms and conditions.
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Signs and symptoms of erythematous mucosa of the rectum or proctitis include a feeling of rectal fullness, urgent and frequent bowel movements, bleeding from the rectum, bloody diarrhea
The word erythematous means red. The lining of your stomach is red which often indicates gastritis. You can go to WebMd and type in gastritis and read up on this condition. Source
Rugae are the folds of the stomach mucosa. Thanks for asking ChaCha...
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Erythematous mucosa refers to the symptom of an inflamed stomach lining. It is caused by sexually transmitted diseases as well an inflammatory bowel diseases. ...
Diffuse Erythematous mucosa means that there is patchy or red discoloration of the mucosa that contrasts the normal pink color of the mucosa that is adjacent. ...
Antrum Mucosa Erythematous refers to the reddening of mucous membranes in the internal organs and spaces of the body. Mucous membranes cover most of the internal ...
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