Eskimo Baby Names?


Eskimos, also called Inuit people have used named with meanings for centuries. Some common meanings are wise woman, brave, soft snow, goddess of fertility, sun god, god of the moon, angel, one who hunts for food, killer whale, and butterfly. Many baby names can be used for either male or female children such as Taqikaq, Tatkret, Takubcik, Noatak, Nukilik, and Olikpok. Some names that are common for girl babies are Nukka, Aga, and Akna. Boy baby names that are common are Nootaikah, Igaluk, and Akycha.
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There all sorts of cool baby name books out there right now. Check your local library or book store for some ideas. The best ones will tell you the origin and meaning of the name.
Here are some female Eskimo names: Aleqasina, Hiti, Karmiti, Kirima,
when I was a baby my mother sang me a lullaby about eskimo babies and that's how I came across this question as I was surfung for the words to that lullaby.she said eskimo babies
Some Eskimos baby boy names are Amaguq, Amak, Aningan, Anuun, Anuniaq, Ataneq, Atka, and Biisaiyowaq.
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