What is Eskimo life like?


Eskimo life may sound tiresome and rough for most Americans but the people of the Tundra take pride in the lives they live and their ability to provide for themselves. Though many Eskimos live a modern life with constructed dwellings, they still hunt and fish for food and follow many customs that are traditional to Eskimo history and culture. Most roads in communities are not paved and snowmobiles are a common form of transportation. They make their own clothing such as parkas, mittens, gloves and even boots from caribou hide. Culture and customs remain traditional with men hunting for food and women caring for the children and making clothing.
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The typical life span of an Eskimo person is only 35 years of age because of alcoholism, crime, and suicide.
In the United States, the average lifespan is between 72 and 79.
Robert Young.
~When, today? Which "Eskimos" the ones living in cities and towns with all the ammenities of modern society, or the ones living in the tundra with little or no contact with
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