What Supplements Have Natural Estrogens?


There are several vitamins and food that can supply natural estrogen supplements. Foods, such as grapefruits, limes, spinach or broccoli are the most natural supplement. Vitamin C, E and B are good supplements also.
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A woman's body reacts differently to synthetic estrogen than it does to the real McCoy. Harmful side effects often result when women take synthetic estrogen. Many women are now turning
It has been shown to reduce Menopause annoying symptoms, &
Hello Katie from the U.S., Lots can change in the next few days so don't despair yet. Cycle day #8 is still quite early. Most people are not ready to ovulate until cycle day # 12.
Yes, you need a prescription. Estrogen deficiency isn't something you should try and self-diagnose, they have to run a blood test. Go see your doctor about it. Taking estrogen when
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