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The Etch A Sketch toy was invented in the late 1950s by André Cassagnes. He originally called it "L'Ecran Magique" or Magic Screen.
The Ohio Art Company launched the toy in the United States in time for the 1960 Christmas season.
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An Etch a Sketch was invented in 1950's by André Cassagnes and named L'Ecran Magique by Arthur Granjean. An Etch a Sketch works by encasing the inside surface of the glass screen with aluminium powder which is scraped off by a movable stylus. Two large knobs control the stylus, one moving horizontally and the other moving vertically. When both knobs are turned simultaneously, diagonal lines are created and when the toy is turned upside down, the picture is erased. This is because polystyrene beads are caused to smooth out and coat the surface inside the screen with aluminium powder.
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The interior workings of the Etch-A-Sketch consists of a very fine aluminum powder and a mounted stylus. When you shake the game, the aluminum powder sticks to everything it touches
1. Check out the knobs: the right one controls vertical; the left, horizontal. Practice until you can retrace your lines. 2. Pick it up and shake it. 3. Try a diagonal: turn both
1. Start with the classic red Etch-a-Sketch. Start with the classic red Etch-a-Sketch. There are many other models including miniatures, color variations, and upgraded ones, but you
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