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During ethnographic research, the anthropologist actually goes into the field they are studying and blend in with the culture. They will participate in the activities, communicate with people, and act as if this is their life. They will usually learn the language so they can be better prepared. During the research, they take notes on what happens and how the experience is. There are many examples of this type of research. One example is spending a few days in a a college dormitory in which the members all go by the same ethnic identity. This will allow the researcher to learn the ways of different ethnic groups in universities.
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Ethnographic research is research done to document and analyze ethnic groups based on social and cultural identification, as well as physical description.
Clifford Geertz's "Deep Play: Notes on a Balinese Cockfight, is a classic example of an ethnography. The basis of ethnographic research consists of participant observation in
1. Blend into the culture of the people or organization you are studying. Living among the people you're studying is one way to conduct ethnographic research. Ethnographic research
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