Eucalyptus Leaves Make Koala Bears High?


According to the Australian Koala Foundation, there is a misnomer that koala bears get high on eucalyptus plants and, therefore, sleep all of the time. This is nothing but an urban legend and a fallacy. Koalas, do, indeed, sleep close to 22 hours a day because of a toxin in the eucalyptus leaves that are low in nutrition, but high in fiber, so it takes a lot of energy for the koala to digest it. By sleeping, it helps them conserve their energy. Theyre not high or drugged up.
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Koalas, which are. marsupials, not bears, occupy a unique niche in the Australian bush ecosystem. Apart from the greater glider, the koala is the only other marsupial which lives
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First link: Eucalyptus foliage is very fibrous and low in nutrition, and to most animals are extremely poisonous. Koalas are not drugged out on gum leaves. Koala's digestive system
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