Europe Temperature?


European temperature is very diverse. Many of Europe's countries have very different types of climates and biomes. The northern countries come close to the Arctic circle and can expect a lot of the colder air and climates. Only a small portion is actual a part of the tundra biome. The majority of Europe is a part of the temperate broadleaf forest biome which generally gets very warm and wet weather throughout the year. This is because of the Gulf Stream bringing more heat because of the low Mediterranean water that keeps heat trapped.
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-5 in January.
weer in Yerop? wot part av Yerop? Rome? London? Berlin? Moskow?
Pevailing westerly winds and the North Atlantic
The highest temperature recorded in Europe was measured in Seville, Spain on the fourth of August 1881. the temperature was 50.0 C (122.0 degrees F).
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The coldest country in Europe is Russia with the town of Oymyakon having a temperature of -96.0 and Verkhoyansk a temperature of -89.8. The coldest place in the ...
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