How do veterinarians euthanize a dog?


Dogs are usually euthanized with an overdose injection of Pentobarbital. This drug is commonly used in surgeries to induce unconsciousness. The dog will go into a deep sleep and then later will cease breathing and cause cardiac arrest. There is no pain to the dog when its euthanized. The only pain would be the injection of the needle when the shot is first given. The process is very fast and causes the animal no distress or discomfort.
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The first step to making this important decision is taking a close look at your dog's age and overall health. By now, the dog has probably been to see the family vet. It's important
Pets are usually euthanized by IV injections, with high dose of ultra short barbiturates, pentobarbital or sodium thiopental. Unconsciousness, respiratory than cardiac arrest follow
1 Call your vet. You cannot do this on your own. Ad 2 Be prepared to cry. Maybe bring a box of tissues. You WILL CRY. 3 Don't blame yourself. If you blame yourself, nothing will get
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How are Dogs Euthanized?
It is the hardest and most dreaded decision for all pet owners, yet it is the ultimate act of love towards life long companions. It is natural, therefore, for owners of sick pets to wonder how dogs are euthanized and what happens during that final one... More »
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