What is an example of a consonant cluster?


An example of a consonant cluster is the word split. In this case, the letters "S," "P," and "L" are joined together to form a consonant cluster.

Consonant clusters occur when there are two or more consonants joined together without a vowel between them. Consonant clusters are difficult for new speakers of English to pronounce since only one sound is emitted despite the presence of multiple consonants. Although they may seem rare, consonant clusters occur a lot more often that most people think. The reason is that most people are so used to them that they do not even think about it when using them.

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br: brain, break, embrace. bl: blame, problem, bliss. cr: create, cry, discredit. dr : drum, adrift, dress. sh: shut, wish, usher. th: thin, path, gather. ch: teach, chill, beach.
A consonant cluster is a group of consonants that appear together in a syllable without
John is never pronounced don. A good example is "clothes". it's often pronounced close.
in stopping you have the double p. Coming does not have a double m. Source(s): can't remember all the rules
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