What is an example of a simple sentence?


"I ran" is an example of a simple sentence. "Being a writer who loves to use confusing and complex syntax, I enjoy reading simple sentences after a writing session and before getting started in the morning" is another example.

A simple sentence is one that has only one independent clause. It does not have to be easy to understand or short. A simple sentence can contain any number of phrases as long as it contains only one independent clause. Simple sentences are the most commonly used and natural sentence structures in every spoken language. Simple sentences are the way children learn to speak.

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A simple sentence has a subject and a verb. it expresses a complete thought. Examples: The waves crashed against the shoreline. Apples are his favorite fruit. The dog buried the bone
Here are 4 examples of a simple sentence: "The cat ran. "Jon is not
1. Think of a simple sentence as a group, or clause, of words that expresses one thought. 2. Understand that for a sentence to be grammatically correct it should have a subject and
Dogs bark.
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A simple sentence is one that contains one independent clause and no dependent clause.
For example, "The baby cried" or "The girl ran into her bedroom".
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