What is an example of a welcome speech?


There are many places that you can find an example of a welcome speech. However, it is important to note that a welcome speech will depend on the particular situation. When doing a welcome speech, you should try as much as possible to be as personal as possible. The main idea of a welcome speech is to make everyone present feel at ease. It would be important to mention the function and the main purpose of the function in the speech.
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A welcome speech should mainly be kept short and to-the-point. If you have a good template for a welcome speech, you can plug in the necessary information and use it for many different
1. Understand the speech's purpose and how much time you have to deliver it. Knowing the amount of time will help you decide how much to include in the speech. Find out as much as
Here are 5 speeches with good "attention grabbers" or "hooks" as you call them: http://conorneill.com/201. 1/10/31. This was an exercise I put together for a course
''I see the light at the end of the tunnel '' ''half expected'' ''raining cats and dogs'' "pooped?'' "My dogs are barking" ''Behind Enemy Lines'' "falling in love
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Example of a Welcome Speech
Watch an example of a welcome speech. Get an actual sample of a welcome speech from a communications expert in this free public speaking video.... More »
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