Example of an Interpretive Essay?


An interpretive essay allows the writer to state their opinion about a topic, but it should be related to examples and facts. A partial example of an interpretive essay by hmwoodham on The Pearl is 'In general, mankind is greedy and evil. In the novel, Steinbeck throughout the entire story, in my opinion, is trying to say that human nature tends to be deception, which can turn something beautiful and great to become something bad and ugly. First of all, Steinbeck shows humans are instinctively greedy. Steinbeck uses the scene to show humans are gluttonous is where the doctor comes to Kino's house and heals Coyotito after Kino has found a pearl.'
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Reread the story, poem or novel chapter you've been asked to interpret in the essay and highlight literary elements such as symbols, characters, moods or setting. Focus on specific
An example of an interpretation is A formal language is defined with the alphabet α = { , } A word is declared to be in if it begins with and is composed solely of the symbols
Choose the text you wish to interpret. This can be a journal article, a novel, a
One of the most thoughtful pieces of writing I've ever read is David Foster Wallace's Commencement speech to the 2005 graduating class at Kenyon College: A huge percentage of the
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