What is an example of a dependent variable?


Dependant variables are the values that are usually altered, and are decided upon by other variables in a function or experiment. Usually the dependant variables are the things you are measuring or changing in an experiment, while the independent variables stay the same throughout the experiment. An example of a dependant variable would be the laundry detergent used if you were testing three different detergents on one shirt, to test which product cleaned the shirt more thoroughly.
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The dependent variable is the thing the changes based on the independent variable. So for example, if you were timing how long different amounts of water take to boil. The time would
You are interested in how stress affects heart rate. Independent variable
The dependent variable in a research model that deals with stocks can be any number of things, although there are common uses for it. Primarily, the dependent variable is stock price
In economics, we sometimes need to test variables. We often can use a estimated regression function denoted: yi=bo +b1xi. Where yi is our dependent variable, and xi is a independent
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