Example Singular Possessive Noun?


A singular possessive noun is any noun which indicates that the subject in question is simply one person, and that they own something. Examples would be the name of a person, followed by an apostrophe s, such as Heidi's or Mark's. Other examples could be the snake's or the baby's.
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Example singular possessive nouns: baby's. bottle. church's. steeple.
Singular possessive is formed by adding 's to the noun. Example: the doll of Tori
Unless you're talking Moses, Jesus, Socrates* or someone similarly ancient, the singular proper noun takes an apostrophe-s in possessive form. Hence, it's Chris's, not Chris'. For
Joshua's toys Anonymous
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Possessive nouns are nouns that show ownership of another noun. The possessive nouns are used as adjectives of the other nouns. A person can find worksheets on ...
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