Examples of a self starter?


A self-starter is a person who takes the initiative to do something instead of waiting to be told by another person to it. Most companies like to hire self-starters because they are more likely to step in and complete tasks or solve problems without a supervisor stepping in. This makes companies more productive. For example, if a customer in a grocery store breaks a jar on the floor, a self-starter will notice the mess and clean it. Someone who is not a self-starter will wait until a supervisor tells him or her to clean the mess. In school, a self-starter is a student who begins looking for scholarship money and investigating colleges before a guidance counselor or parent tells him or her to do so.
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A self-starter is a person who takes initiative to solve problems, work without close supervision, and doesn't need to be told what to do on a frequent basis.
1. Seize new learning opportunities that will help you know more about the operations of your organization. Visit other departments to learn how they operate; seek out opportunities
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