What is an example of a chemical reaction?


A chemical reaction occurs when a cake bakes. The materials in the batter are changed into a different substance. If the cake burns, that is a separate chemical reaction. In fact, any type of burning, such as a piece of paper or a stick of wood, is a chemical reaction.

In a chemical reaction, the chemical composition of matter changes from one thing to another. When this occurs, there is typically a noticeable change. For example, heat, light or gas is given off, a solid forms inside a liquid, or there is a color shift. With a chemical reaction, it is impossible for materials to go back to the way they were before the change occurred.

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burning something, rusty nails, cooking, .
the other guy listed a few good examples. HOWEVER. dissolution of NaCl in water is NOT a chemical reaction. boiling of water is NOT a chemical reaction. sugar dissolving in tea is
Fizz Fizz: Dropping an Alka-Seltzer tablet in water makes a bubbling
Some examples of a chemical reaction are rusty nails, baking soda, & Alka Seltzer when it hits water.
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Examples of Chemical Reactions in the Kitchen
Kitchens are full of chemicals that react with each other to form new compounds, as well as tastes, smells and textures. In fact, a kitchen is really one big chemistry set. Restaurant chefs and cooking experts around the world, including Heston... More »
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Here are four examples of everyday chemical reactions: Cars burning gasoline, Baking a cake (the baking soda), Digestion of food in our stomachs, and rusting. ...
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