What are examples of collective nouns?


A collective noun is when a regular noun is changed into groups, special classes or members of something. A noun is a single thing while a collective noun is about more than one person, place or thing. There are many examples that can be used as a collective noun. Some great examples are department, army, majority, society, faculty, corporation, troupe, and team. The collective noun will always need plural verbs and pronouns in the sentence.
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A collective noun is a singular word that represents multiple objects. For example, the word "family" is singular, but a family consists of several people.
A collective noun is a noun, such as herd, jury, or clergy, that appears
1. Recognize a collective noun when you see it. A list is provided in the resource section. 2. Analyze the noun. If the group is acting as a unit the noun is singular; if the group
Plural nouns describe several, countable things (dogs, apples), while a collective noun refers to things or people as a unit. Examples: family, police, class.
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