Examples of Commensalism in Tundra Biome?


There are many commensalism relationships in the tundra biome. One example of such is the barren ground caribou and the arctic fox. The caribou clears the ground of snow, and the fox hunts the underground prey.
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The barren ground caribou & the arctic fox have a
The barren ground caribou and the arctic fox have a commensalistic relationship. The fox follows the caribou who removes the snow covering to get at lichens under the soil. The fox
lichens-are mutuals-both algae and fungi cell living together. parasitism- deer tick on a deer. otters and beavers are interspecifics: vying for water space, fish for food and trees
savanna - many of the grazing animals will have birds follow them. There is no real benefit to the grazing animal however the birds get well fed by eating all the bugs. " Many
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