Examples of Complimentary Close of a Letter?


Complimentary closings are used at the end of a letter before the signature. Some examples are: Sincerely, Respectfully yours and Yours truly.
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Sincerely. Kind regards. 1. With every good wish, 2. With kindest remembrances, Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_some_examples_of_closing_a_letter_to_a_close_friend#ixzz252UJ0Y83
The complimentary closing of a letter is the ending right before the
Just the FIRST letter is capitalized, i.e.: Very truly yours, Or - Respectfully submitted, Depends on to whom you are sending the letter. Work on your grammar before you send the
One way should be: Your kind attention to this regard is very much appreciated.
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